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There is Energy flowing through us all the time. It is the Life Force that propels us, connecting us to the land and to each other. Sometimes that energy gets stuck or depleted – affected by negative thoughts or experiences. Energy Medicine releases the blocks that are keeping you from your truest self, allowing your own energetic power to flow throughout your body to allow you to heal and thrive.

My name is Alejandra (Alex) Villalobos-McAnderson and I am a licensed holistic Energy Medicine practitioner, Mindful Leadership & Corporate Energy Coach. I guide athletes, entrepreneurs, and high-performing business leaders to embrace intuitive and powerful leadership practices. I am committed to providing support and guidance to all of my clients and the KC community through a variety of services.


Energy Medicine relieves emotional stress, can aid in recovery from physical illness and improves overall well-being, and mental health.


Harness the power of Energy, Intuition, and Mindfulness by connecting to your Highest Self. It’s time to create the life that you want to live!


Workshops and Retreats to foster healthy competition and team camaraderie and release unproductive and often downright toxic behaviors in the workplace.


My Intuitive Learning Program is for anyone who wants to explore their unique gifts and learn how to live a heart-led life.


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Experience Reikin™

Reikin™ (Reiki with Ketamine Infusion) is a new healing modality created at aNu Aesthetics by Dr. Cristyn Watkins and Villalobos Vitality, offered exclusively in their KC office. You won’t find this anywhere else!

In this alternative therapy procedure, ayahuasca plant medicine meets the safety net of a clinical environment.

Reikin™ combines the principles of Reiki and IV Ketamine, an FDA-approved medication administered by a licensed professional, to provide optimum benefits to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and many other mental health conditions.

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What can I say about this man that the world doesn't already know? If you've experienced the magic of B, you understand. There are few people I've encountered in this lifetime who move with so much love and integrity that I've never heard a negative word spoken about them.

Babe, you embody the integrity of Daddydoo, the passion of your Father Ramon, and the love for family like Grandpa Pablo. All these beautiful traits you are passing on to our boys. 

The way you love so freely yet with such strength makes me and everyone around you feel safe, protected, and loved. Your presence is a fortress, a sanctuary where everyone can find peace and comfort.

A true sage, who carries Owl Medicine.  If you have never had a deep heart-to-heart with B, I highly recommend it. He speaks in such a powerful way, weaving hard topics with perspective and truth. B will always encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, to grow, and to see the world with new eyes.

You are the rock upon which our family is built, and the beacon of light guiding us through life's storms. Your wisdom, kindness, and unwavering love are the foundation of our home.

I hope today you feel all the love this world has for you. Te amo mi corazón.
Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending my first AANHPI festival hosted by @cafecaphe . I'm so grateful to @jackienguyenx, @be_ty_le , and the whole team for putting together such a beautiful event. Representing @eyeofanimmigrant , I was deeply moved by the festival's energy and sense of community. Cafe Caphe generously donated 10% of their sales to our nonprofit, which was incredibly kind.

The festival was a celebration of learning and culture, showcasing beautiful dances and presentations. It reminded me of the enriching experience that comes from being curious about others and their cultures. The food was amazing, the fire dancers mesmerizing, and the overall atmosphere was vibrant with community spirit.

I'm thankful to the @kccurrent community team for hosting this festival and to all the wonderful people who visited our booth. It was a great opportunity to share the work of Eye of an Immigrant. Moving forward, it's important to continue bringing our communities together, celebrating the richness and diversity they bring to Kansas City's tapestry.

Seeing so many friends, catching up, and being surrounded by open-hearted individuals was exactly what my heart and soul needed. The festival was a testament to the beauty that emerges when people share their culture without reservation. I'm proud of our Eye of an Immigrant team for their outstanding work at our first festival booth and community engagement event. Stay tuned for more exciting events from us!
Now is the time, friends. It's time to stand up against what you know in your heart is wrong. This is not just about Palestinians; it's about Congo, Sudan, Tigray, and all those who have been oppressed due to our reliance on all the things that make us comfortable and feed our consumerism, for the pursuit of capitalist gains. It starts with us. We must honestly assess where we stand. 

Personally, I know the price my ancestors paid when they were colonized. I have felt their pain, their rage, which is why I am so vocal about history repeating itself. I urge you to look into yourself, to recognize your own programming, your own colonial constructs. 

Are you truly challenging yourself to be brave, to break free from these cycles? Standing up for truth comes at a cost, no doubt. It has cost me dearly, but I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't choose differently. 

As Emiliano Zapata said, 'Better to die on your feet than to live a lifetime on your knees.' It's time. 

May all those oppressed by colonial systems find freedom. May all indigenous lands and spirits be liberated. May we all be free. Free Palestine.

🎞️ @inside_the_mindset
🦉 Honoring the Journey 🦉

If you've experienced an energy session with me or joined my Circles recently, you're likely familiar with my Owl wing. This wing and I have shared many years together, but after a recent Circle, I felt its Spirit signal that it was time to retire. The message of what to do with it came to me as I was visiting one of my Elders (Grandmother Susan). This weekend, as she shared stories about her husband, I knew that's where the wing belonged. It's where the wing is going to go and rest as Brad also steps into his rest period, and they'll be doing this journey together.

Brad Walking Bear Stanton is  a Silver Cloud Elder in his tribe, the Narragansett, but also a man with a remarkable story. A United States Marine Corps Veteran, Brad served the People with Honor, a true Warrior Protector. Beyond his military service, he spent 30 years as a North Atlantic lobsterman, a testament to his resilience and connection to the land and sea. Brad is also an alumni of Berkley School of Music and Johnson and Wales University, embodying a life rich in diverse experiences and learning. An accomplished musician, his experience ranges from stand up Bass with the Nauvoo Orchestra, to playing backup with his Fender for Big Mama Thornton who wrote “Hound Dog”.

Meeting Brad, you immediately sense his powerful yet gentle spirit. Currently in a VA hospital, he's nearing his Spirit Walk. To me, death is just another shedding, a transition back to Spirit and Energy. 

I decided to gift the Owl wing to Brad, a gesture of honoring his Journey. The Owl, I learned, is his tribe's Spirit Medicine, aligning perfectly. As my Elders taught me, we own nothing; everything is borrowed. What remains is our legacy and the impact we leave on others.

I'm grateful for Brad and all the Elders in my life, shaping my mission to care for our Children and Elders. Remember, what truly matters is how we make others feel and the Love we share. Aho, Mitakuye Oyasin❤️.
🌟Courageous Acts for a Brighter Tomorrow🌟

In this pivotal moment, courage beckons us to step beyond our comfort zones for the greater good. Today, inspired to drum and perform ceremony, I noticed my new neighbors outside, enjoying the morning. While past issues have arisen with neighbors in our community, I felt compelled to embrace this moment as an opportunity to embody courage.

Initially, I hesitated, considering whether drumming inside would be more appropriate to avoid any potential discomfort. However, I chose to honor my spirit and proceeded outside. After introducing myself and explaining my intentions, my neighbors welcomed the ceremony.

This morning's practice was dedicated to all students, particularly those who are bravely advocating for justice and equality. These young adults, our children, are standing up for the marginalized, facing adversity with unwavering courage. It's heart-wrenching to witness their struggles, but their actions are a beacon of hope and a reminder of the importance of standing up for what is right.

These students fight for a world where justice and equality prevail, where every voice is heard and valued. Their courage is not just admirable; it's necessary for our collective future.

As we witness the bravery of these young adults, let's take their example to heart. Whether it's conducting ceremony in front of neighbors, wearing indigenous attire to a formal event, or proudly displaying your Palestinian Keffiyeh in solidarity, now is the time to act for the greater good. 

If we're not comfortable with being uncomfortable, we're about to face even more discomfort. Let's embrace courage together and stand up for what is right. All eyes on Rafah. Free Palestine.❤️🖤💚🤍
Making Kansas City Better with our

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Villalobos Vitality is so proud to partner, support, and collaborate with various businesses, nonprofits, and individuals within our local community. We truly are better together.

“When your day-to-day life is full and on the go, stepping into an energy session with Alex is like a breath of fresh air. Your world slows down and you are able to be present during the session because of the calming and safe presence she brings. Whether it is your first reiki session or your 5th, Alex always makes sure you are comfortable and taken care of. Afterward, you walk away feeling lighter- spiritually and emotionally – from the release of stuck energy or emotions that no longer serve you.”

Dr. Michelle Robin

Dr. Michelle Robin Doctor of Chiropractic, Chief Wellness Officer, Fellow Acupuncture Society of America, Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner, Founder of Your Wellness Connection