Villalobos Vitality Apprenticeship

8-Week Intuitive Learning Program

This is not a certification program. I will be sharing with you all of my tools and knowledge (whether Reiki and Energy Work, shielding, protecting, meditation, intuitive connection, etc.). We will also tap into your gifts and how to invite them into your life.

This apprenticeship doesn’t require you to be a healer. This program will guide you to be the best at using your unique gifts and intuition to live a heart-led life.

The skills you learn in this session can be used in your business, as a partner, as a mother, as a friend – they will improve your ability to navigate all that life has to throw at you no matter the situation.

I will teach you what I know – but the magic happens when you take that knowledge to follow your intuition to see how your gifts and life blossom and grow.

Weekly Calls

8 weekly coaching calls

3 Private Sessions

Schedule 3 two-hour energy medicine sessions.

Group Workshops

Attendance to group workshops to learn and grow together!

Circle Shadowing

Shadow facilitators and learn from doing at healing circles.

Year of Circles

One year of circle registration.

Personal Coaching

Access to me as a Coach and Guide via voice memo, text, etc.