Corporate Wellness



Well-being at work matters.

Offices and workplace teams perform at their best when they are happy and working in harmony. Unfortunately, that kind of workplace culture is few and far between.

With more than 10 years of experience in corporate client relations, I understand the politics and power dynamics of an office environment.

Learn to foster healthy competition and team camaraderie and release unproductive and often downright toxic behaviors.

Enrich your workplace with:  
  • Operational Organization
  • Efficiency Planning
  • Client Service Training
  • Wellness Training
  • Mindfulness Leadership
  • Guided Meditation Facilitation 
  • Corporate Retreat Management and Facilitation
Improve Culture

Using the principles of Mindfulness, build a workplace culture that nurtures productivity and efficiency through wellness to create long-term success through the power of a happier and healthier team.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a consultation to discuss how you can facilitate a workplace experience for your team.

Virtual Coaching WEBINAR

 A virtual session for your team or organization discussing the benefits of meditation in the workplace and how to implement mindfulness in your workday, completed with a guided meditation.

Starting at $555.

Alignment & Mindfulness Workshop

A block of time devoted to mindful team-building learning and wellness, custom-built for your needs.

Starting at $1,200.

Corporate Retreats

Create a multi-day customized healing experience for you and your team. Encourage camaraderie, peace, and relaxation. Heal rifts, raise morale, and come together as a unified force.

Price varies.