About Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

soul healing

My Energy Medicine method is based on the practice of Reiki. Reiki is a type of alternative healing therapy developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. “Rei” means God’s wisdom or higher power. “Ki” is the life force energy. Reiki is exactly that – harnessing your higher power by connecting with your life force energy.

Over time, I have incorporated traditional elements from my own heritage. Rather than sessions – I refer to our time together as ceremonies. I embrace the sacredness of this practice – and view your healing as so much more than just an appointment on my calendar.

My practice involves a combination of guided meditation, energy work, crystal healing, spirit guides, and oracle readings. Energy Medicine works in a similar way as Reiki in that it encourages the healthy flow of energy throughout your body, chakras, and spiritual centers.

The medicine that is provided in my space most often begins by talking, tapping into your energy, and opening the door for transformation.

The space that I hold for you allows you to feel and flow. You can go deeper than you ever have before. Access thoughts, emotions, traumas, and memories that have been hidden for such a long time.

My intention and purpose is to be there to help you feel supported as you unearth these things that you have been holding back and guide you toward finding a resolution.

This isn’t always a cure or an easy fix.

But the journey towards healing can be as simple as understanding the why behind these things that have happened. Then, discover what you need to do to heal and move forward.

What will you experience during a Reiki treatment?

To be very transparent with you, it is hard to set an expectation of what your session will look like. The nature of Energy is very fluid and unique to each person. We will start your session with a short introduction to the process, discuss your expectations, and set an intention for your session.

Physically, you will lay comfortably on a padded table with blankets and pillows to make you cozy and relaxed. You will close your eyes and I will begin a guided meditation to invite in mental relaxation. I will hold her hands over you – and with your permission, lay them gently on you wherever the energy calls. At times, I may place crystals on various parts of your body and wave incense or feathers over you.

Energetically, we will work to clear out entanglements and blockages within your body. Whatever needs to come forth will come through – whatever you are ready for will surface and present itself.

Spiritually, sometimes the healing offered is mediumship and connecting to a loved one. Other times it is clearing a bloodline and tapping into your ancestors – uncovering traumas, fears, and pains that have been passed down from generation to generation. This can include guiding you through a past life regression, and remembering that some things that we are hearing and feeling are not from this lifetime.

Your session will guide you to learn to listen and better understand the voices that are always around you, tapping into your team and spirit to remember that you are always held and supported.

We’ll end our time together with a card reading and a moment to connect with each other in conversation — because building a relationship is essential to your success. This is a partnership. This is a journey. I become connected to you through this process and exchange energy with you within that space.

Are you ready for the experience?