Coaching & Guidance


Mindful Leadership Coaching

It’s time for you to step into the arena feeling confident, purposeful, prepared, and in alignment. Release negative thoughts, remove energetic blocks, and embrace the innate power and wisdom that already lives within you.

So often we are tied mind, body, and soul, to our business or passion. However, to truly remain in alignment, we need a way to untangle our professional spirit from our at rest spirit.

I offer coaching and guidance sessions for c-suite executives, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs to be on top of their game in order to perform at their highest level.

Through Energy Medicine, Guidance, and Consultation, I lead you to embrace and nurture your entire being – the “at work self” and the “at rest self”. Both of these aspects are necessary! And both require care.

Once your whole self is in alignment, it will be easier to make intuitive heart-based decisions with confidence.

Whether you would like to embark on a full-stop spiritual journey, spend a day refreshing and revitalizing your soul, or just to check in energetically before an important decision, deal, performance, or presentation – your higher self awaits.

A Day in Alignment
dAY experience – $1,200+

Consider this the grown-up field trip you’ve always wanted! A Day in Alignment is a unique, custom-created full-day experience specifically built for you based on your needs.

This day can include energy work sessions, cacao, sound healing, brain tapping, yoga nidra, among other modalities and experiences. We’ll address not only the physical body, but also spiritual and energetic blockages, so that you can get back to work feeling cleansed, refreshed, empowered, and invigorated.

Coaching Call
Zoom or Phone – $125

Consult on any issues you are facing, brainstorm coping strategies, and discover how to disrupt and move forward past energetic blocks.


Find your true self again. Journey with me through limiting beliefs and release trauma to help you better align with the life you want to live. Customized coaching and personalized guidance unique to each individual.

Includes six two-hour Energy Medicine sessions each month, weekly 60-minute coaching calls via Zoom, access to consultations via voice memos, and guided meditations.